How I buy clothes


I bought clothes last night. I desperately needed to, but I dread buying clothes. I do so less than once a year.

This is my method:

  1. Go to the store during non-peak hours
  2. Go straight to the area with the type of clothing I wish to buy, this time, summer dresses
  3. Pull out every article that I might even remotely like and is around what size I think I might be this time, sometimes buying 2 or three sizes of the same thing just to be safe.
  4. Go home and try everything on.
  5. Sort things into “fits,” “slightly too small, need to lose weight,” and “too big or too small, return”.
  6. May or may not get around to actually returning what’s too big or small.
  7. Work hard to lose weight to be comfortable in the items that are just slightly too small.
  8. ???
  9. Profit

I also only wear loose/flowing skirts and dresses. I don’t wear pants unless absolutely necessary. Skirts and dresses work better for someone who’s weight is constantly fluctuating, in my opinion. Also, I’m far more comfortable in them. In pants, I feel like everyone is looking at my body, and that every fold and bulge and layer of fat shows. I can’t feel calm ever in pants. Wearing a comfy dress is like wearing a socially acceptable and fashionable blanket all the time.

Last night, I bought 5 new dresses that fit, 4 dresses that “fit” (other people think they fit, but I feel are too tight), and 2 that didn’t fit (one was too big, the other too small).

Now to lose enough to feel comfortable in the smaller dresses.


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  1. I feel the same way about clothes, I prefer clothing so impossibly loose no one but myself thinks they fit me. I had to teach myself to wear fitted clothing for a job. It was hard.


    • I have this fine line in my head between “just right” and “too baggy”. If something is too baggy, I feel like it makes me look even fatter. If something touches my skin too much, I feel extremely uncomfortable.


      • My fine line is at “so baggy you can see down my neckline and I might as well not be wearing anything at all”. I think yours is at a more practical stopping point. It took me a long time to get used to clothing touching my skin, now it finally feels friendly, after a few years.


  2. I can’t stand trousers (pants) that fit around the waist, they need to be hipsters, otherwise I feel them pressing against my waist and it makes me feel fat. I also have a pathological hatred for skin-tight clothes, which in my job is pretty much the done thing (exercise teacher). However, I have managed to find these loose sleeveless T-shirts and now I have brought them in 6 different colours and a few more extra just in case Nike stop making them and selling them next season. Lol.


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