Daily Archives: May 11, 2014

DBT for you


In the treatment center where I was recently working toward recovery, we had a DBT group and I talked about it a few times. I’ve received some comments about how difficult it is to find DBT therapy for some people, so I wanted to share this website with you. It’s a website I was told about in our DBT group, and I’m hoping it my help some of you!

DBT Self Help

There’s a lot of information about DBT on the site, but I linked you to some of the practical applications, worksheets, and mindfulness so you can dive right in if you want.


Ed, Mia, and Ana


I hate when people talk about “divorcing Ed”. I tried reading that book Life Without Ed and I couldn’t stand it. I don’t know why, but personifying my eating disorder just irritates me.

I don’t have friends named Ana or Mia. I don’t have an abusive boyfriend named Ed. I do have an eating disorder and it does make me feel crazy sometimes, but the “voices” in my head telling me to not eat, or to purge, or how worthless I am, these are not a separate entity. And the last thing I need it to start acting/thinking like I have separate people in my head.

Maybe it stems from the fact that, as a child, I was terrified of developing multiple personalities. (Yes, that was a real fear of mine.) Or maybe it’s just because it comes across as so silly and, in a way, childish.

I don’t mean to offend anyone who feels that personifying their eating disorder helps them. If it helps you, if you like it, by all means!

But please, when you’re talking to me about my eating disorder, don’t call it Ed or Ana or Mia. Don’t talk about it like it’s a real person. And please don’t ask my to hold conversations with it.

It’s 3:15am


Batman is staring down at me, expressionless.
Next to him, a dalek plans my extermination, as the Tardis explodes overhead.
Meanwhile, Mulder is in the corner, just wanting to believe and trying to find his sister.
Sleep would be welcome.

No wonder we’re all so fucked up


You know what the model above needs to do? Lose weight.

Wait, I’m sorry, what?

I hate weight loss commercial. They’re so freaking triggering.

But more so, I hate weight loss commercials where the people who need to lose weight are already thin.