My kitteh watches me purge


This is my kitty.

She likes to follow me around the house. This means she often follows me into the bathroom. Which, in turn, means she has seen me purge countless times.

I always wonder when she watches me purge (and she watches intently) what she thinks. I wonder if she knows something is wrong, if she is simply curious, or if she is eying the straw in my hand (and throat) wishing she could play with it. She loves playing with straws.

Sometimes, when she watches me purge, it makes me sad. I’m not sure why, exactly. It feels wrong


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  1. Kitten! What’s his/her name?

    When someone else knows what we’re doing – even if it’s an animal – we have a reason to feel shame. And guilt – for allowing someone else to see that.

    Maybe also the idea that you’re so loving to him/her by taking care of him/her, but you treat yourself as if that love and respect doesn’t exist for you. I know it makes me sad to see someone else hurting themselves. :-/



  2. I purge in my room. With my puppy locked in. She doesn’t react any more, if she ever did but she’s a legit neurotic and I think that is partially to blame. When she was really little she used to throw up a lot and I honestly thought I’d made her bulimic lol.

    But yes, I don’t think it’s good for them. I house/pet sat for my aunt a month ago and her dogs watched me purge (toilet) and they were quite concerned, curious and confused.


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