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Curiosity killed the cat


I cut it open to see what was inside, but all I could see was blood.


Kitteh and Fundraising: Updates


I found a pet clinic that will see my kitty for free. I do have to pay for any tests they run, but at discounted prices, and they’ll do a payment plan. I’m so relieved. I’m taking my kitty in tomorrow.

I am also at 41% funding for my NEDA walk fundraiser! If you’d like to donate or share my fundraiser, here’s the page!

I also have some other exciting news that I’ll tell you about in a couple weeks.

A moment of sheer terror


I think my cat had a seizure. I was so scared I cried. I’m so worried for her. She’s my life and my baby. I can’t afford to take her to the vet. I feel like sucj a bad pet mother. I’m snuggling her, terrified she’s dying and there’s nothing I can do for her. 

My kitteh watches me purge


This is my kitty.

She likes to follow me around the house. This means she often follows me into the bathroom. Which, in turn, means she has seen me purge countless times.

I always wonder when she watches me purge (and she watches intently) what she thinks. I wonder if she knows something is wrong, if she is simply curious, or if she is eying the straw in my hand (and throat) wishing she could play with it. She loves playing with straws.

Sometimes, when she watches me purge, it makes me sad. I’m not sure why, exactly. It feels wrong