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Rough Day


I ate twice today. That’s more than I ate in the last week. I purged both times, and then took a handful of laxatives. I’ve been nauseous and dizzy all day. I just purged and took laxatives for the second time and now my chest hurts on top of the nausea and dizziness.

It hasn’t been a very productive day due to the way I’ve been feeling. I didn’t get any knitting done because I didn’t have the energy to lift my arms. I didn’t get any housework done because I was too nauseous to move around.

I’ll probably go to bed early because I just feel so blah.


My kitteh watches me purge


This is my kitty.

She likes to follow me around the house. This means she often follows me into the bathroom. Which, in turn, means she has seen me purge countless times.

I always wonder when she watches me purge (and she watches intently) what she thinks. I wonder if she knows something is wrong, if she is simply curious, or if she is eying the straw in my hand (and throat) wishing she could play with it. She loves playing with straws.

Sometimes, when she watches me purge, it makes me sad. I’m not sure why, exactly. It feels wrong