Don’t do stupid things


The semicolon project is very popular right now. I was thinking about it and if people are getting tattoos to remind themselves to stay alive, maybe what I need is a tattoo to remind myself not to do stupid things. Maybe a nice one on my wrist that says “Don’t do anything stupid today.” Just getting through today without doing anything stupid should be an attainable goal, right?

I say this after a day where I first threw out ALL my food because I was afraid of it, then ate food Β from my trash can, then purged, then freaked out about eating food and took a handful of laxatives and is now up all night dealing with the effects of the laxative taking (nausea, severe cramping, vomiting, etc).Β 

So maybe if I had seen “Don’t do anything stupid today” on my wrist at some point during the day, I would have stopped and thought and processed and NOT done something that I did today. Maybe?

**Note** I’m not actually considering getting this tattoo, you don’t have to tell me it’s a bad idea.


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  1. I honestly understand what you’re going through. I wouldn’t get the tattoo either BUT you could always write it in small writing on your wrist or somewhere just to see how it felt and if it made a difference? I know a lot of people who draw butterflies on their bodies so that when they get the urge to cut, the butterfly reminds them that they’re harming something beautiful. I know it’s slightly different but hey, anything is worth a try! Hope you’re feeling a little bit better x

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  2. I went through a cross-addiction to alcohol from 2001-2008.. In my recovery from alcoholism I had a mantra that I still use to fight booze to this day: DO THE NEXT RIGHT THING. It has only ever really helped with fighting drink-urges and cravings… I still suck in most every other area of life, lol. I’m guessing trickle-down effect from the ED? Right, though? As long as we are ACTIVE in our ED, we aren’t working on any other scarred, stunted, broken or otherwise areas of ourself.. huh. Well, in any event, I kinda like that that mantra has a positive connotation.. Like the Law of Attraction, right? Say/think positive, and you will attract positivity.

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      • There’s always the forehead, “Don’t do anything stupid.” πŸ˜€ You could do inner wrist, that’s easily covered by a watch, or leather band (I have a leather cuff that I wear–but no tattoos, I’m too much of a flake.) Or just some thing that means something to you. A small Ravenclaw eagle if you like Harry Potter, representing the smart and wisdom of the house, i.e. don’t do anything stupid. Meh, just ideas. Good luck.


  3. So I have my arm filled with reminders to do no harm. “Ahimsa” is tattooed on my left inner wrist. It’s a yoga term for do no harm. And I have “Be Present” on my right forearm. “hope” with the “O” as the ED symbol. “Be Loved” on my right arm. Oh my gosh, a tattoo is a great idea LoL!!!

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  4. I have a ‘don’t do stupid things’ tattoo, but it’s disguised as some birds πŸ˜› maybe if you think it would help, you can find a symbol that reminds you not to do stupid things, or more so remind you that you can stop and breathe and try to let the bad thoughts pass. hope you are feeling better!!

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