Crazy-ass bulimic me


Remember how I threw out ALL my food? Yeah, well, I wanted to binge and purge, so I took food out of the trash and ate it. Because, you know, bulimia makes you do crazy things like eating food out of your trash can. I should have sabotaged it, like pouring soap over it or something so it was inedible. I did sabotage the rest of it afterward, but by then I had already binged and purged on a bunch of food from my trash. There’s nothing like eating food from your trash can to make you feel really crazy and desperate.


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  1. Been there:-) It was recent, this past January.. and I ate day-old pizza that had been sitting in the garbage overnight. And, NOT MY GARBAGE, rather the people who’s mother I was taking care of at the time. Yeah, that was gross. I didn’t even bother to reheat it (which might have made the cheese at least soft??). My worst was about 18 yrs ago.. I was starving (bulimorexic at that time) and binged on a bag of DOG TREATS as I drove madly to the grocery store. That was some **sawdust MAGIC** right there.

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  2. Oh darling, I have put food in garbage bags and put the garbage bags in the bins outside my apartment and then a few hours later gone outside IN PUBLIC and fished my garbage out of the bins. And of course, ate the food. I had put only food in the garbage bags and not any other trash, but I am so embarrassed to write that. Yet it’s so funny at the same time.

    Good for you for throwing away and sabotaging the food! I grew up in a household where throwing away food was sacrilegious and at first I couldn’t do it. Then I realized all the food was going to end up on my butt and thighs and then the garbage didn’t seem like such a bad idea.



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