LoveMe Challenge, Day 15



Day #15: Something you have done right.

Being an aunt. I was the best darn aunt a child could ask for.  I was the kind of aunt who played video games and board games and card games. I taught crafts and made up games. I planned art projects. I taught my niece to ride her bike. I took them swimming, took them to the park, watched movies, built fort. I introduced them to Star Wars and then helped them build light sabers and had light saber battles. I helped them search for lost hamsters, kissed wounded knees, and smoothed wounded egos. And there was nothing else I loved in the world more than being their aunt.


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      • You still are their aunt and I’m sure they hold as many fond memories of you as you do of them, and they won’t forget. You will see them again – but what kind of person refuses to let their kids be around a loving family member, especially after the traumatic experience of losing their mother? It boggles the mind and I’m sorry that you have experienced this and I’m sorry the kids have as well. You are still an aunt and they won’t forget you. Trust me.

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  1. I am a aunt myself and reading this it made me smile its truly a awesome feeling. I am sorry to hear that their mother passed and you have not been able to see them. I am sure that you could connect with them again down the road if not sooner 😀 I love your post I have thought about doing something similar (the challenge)

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