Two big milestones


I did something today that I hate and avoid at all costs. Something I hate so much that I haven’t done it in 2 years. I went clothes shopping. I even tried on clothes in the store! Normally, I buy the size I think I am, as well as a size bigger and a size smaller, and I take them home and try them all on, and take back what doesn’t fit. Today, I was brave enough to go to the dressing rooms and try on the clothes in the store.

On top of that, I haven’t worn pants in years. I only wear dresses and skirts because I feel like pants show off my fat. However, I bought a bike yesterday and I know it’s way easier to ride a bike in pants than a skirt, (or at least the floor length skirts I wear) so I bought some pants today. Not just pants, I bought skinny jeans. I can’t believe I did, but I did. Hopefully I will have the courage to actually wear them.


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  1. oh my goodness! i have the same problem. i actually can’t even go into the store. for some reason i feel like the people in there are thinking “um, she should NOT be wearing our clothes. Ew.” I have actually been able to go shopping a little more though honestly if I do it, I have no energy to do anything else after. I guess it takes all my courage to do it. Congratulations on going and getting something that scares you to wear! Some people don’t get it, but it’s a huge deal and you should be really proud of yourself! I’m proud of you!

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  2. Hm, can’t help with the long skirts, but there’s a place out here that does “sport skirts” which are kind of shorts with skirts over them. But not like the skorts of our youth. They’re kinda neat. If you want I can try to see if they have a webpage. Also, you’re the exact opposite of me. I haven’t worn shorts since middle school (someone made fun of me for being so pale). And I haven’t worn a skirt since Preschool (one of the boys in my class looked up my dress). So it’s always jeans. If I had to wear shorts for sports I played, I had to focus obsessively on the sport. I prefer the flare or boot cut jeans myself. But this is good. You’ll enjoy the new cycling. Also, remember this most important fact: Ride WITH traffic, not AGAINST it, you are NOT a pedestrian. (Also, it’s technically illegal to ride on the sidewalk.)

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  3. Just this past spring I went clothes shopping. I almost walked out of a store because I got that look from the sales girl of “what the heck is she doing in here.” She seemed to be a little satisfied when I went to the men’s section and bought two button down shirts that were on sale. Obviously that made more sense because what would I be thinking trying to pull off any of the women’s looks.

    It’s a huge step going to the store and trying things on. It’s not easy to be in the fitting rooms. It’s somehow exposing, even though it’s supposed to be very private. I always feel like I’m somehow on display. I hate it.

    I also bought skinny jeans this past spring. Of course, none of them fit now, but that’s okay. I’m probably going to turn to long skirts and leggings under them for winter, just for the warmth of that kind of layering, but skinny jeans require a lot of body confidence. Just buying them is a huge step, even if you’re not sure you have the courage to wear them in public yet. It’s definitely a huge step and you should definitely give yourself full credit there!

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