Missing safety


Sometimes, when I’m especially struggling, I miss being in the psychiatric unit of the hospital.

Right now is one of those times.


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  1. I read through many of your posts, I am so sorry you are struggling. I had a close family member who struggled with bulimia and anorexia and other eating issues. She’s doing well now and she went to a very intensive in-patient program and found out that her binge/purges and not eating were stemming from undiagnosed PTSD and the trauma that resulted, she’s since addressed those issues and from what I understand is doing very well. I truly hope you find the ‘root’ cause of your illness, for example, what’s driving your feelings of worthlessness or undeserving of food and nourishment, or just plain out pigging out like people do. Most women struggle with weight at some point in our lives, right now I am trying to shift 20 lbs of excess pregnancy weight and it’s not going, but I believe it will one day. But I really hope you recover, you are an amazing and thoughtful young woman with lots to offer but you are mired in this illness and it’s robbing you of your talents and your life. Much love to you and many many prayers.

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  2. Though I have never been in a psych ward, being in the neuro wing of hospital for my condition they leave me with my thoughts and I will say being in a sterile environment with peace and quiet for days on end feels amazing. No t.v., no people, and no one forcing you to ‘be’. It felt great. I have had this happen a few times and each time my mom pleaded me to come out of my own head and back to the normal area of the hospital wing or out of the ICU (like i had a choice of these things) and watch t.v. or read a book and she just did not get it. I preferred my own company sometimes. My own thoughts.

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