A new Knitting pattern and other things


I started a new scarf today using the pattern above (the picture links to the pattern). I’ve been meaning to start the scarf for a few days now but the original pattern I was going to use had me a little intimidated. However, today I decided to just get started. Unfortunately, when I went to sit down and do it, the website with the pattern was down, so I had to search for another pattern. I landed on this one because I wanted something lacy and feminine for my niece and I was pretty sure I could figure out the pattern. So, after youtubing the stitches, I got to work!

I tested the pattern on an extra skein of yarn I have first to make sure I actually understood the pattern. Once I had that down, I started the real thing. It’s only about 6 inches long so far, but I’ve started! And considering it’s only going to be about 2 and a half feet long, I think I made good progress!

Today was productive in some other ways too, in the sense that I did some housecleaning and got in a workout, but between my lingering fibromyalgia pain and my anxiety, I wasn’t up to leaving the house for a walk. I did do my nails, though, and that always makes me feel a little better about myself.


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  1. I’m learning some news one myself but when I start out really good I start to miss or drop stitches and can never seem to fix them without starting all the way over…I become something of a perfectionists with these sort of projects and never end up finishing them 😦 I wish I had your talent.

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      • I need to get one specifically on that then too, because the books I have talk about it but not in depth and I guess it helps for those who have been knitting for a while but do not help me who is not a professional. I feel like they give a refresher in those books instead of a true lesson. DO you by chance know the name?


        • I haven’t finished it yet, I’m going through it as I need it. It teaches you how to make baby blankets. After I finish my current projects, I want to try to make a baby blanket, then see if any local hospitals want it. If they do, I’m going to see if they want them on a semi-regular basis and I’ll make it a project.

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          • That’s alright. I have a general basics guide and I youtube and so far the only think I seem to be the worst at it fixing mistakes, LOL. I can make things and I don’t mind how bad they look when I make things because everything does not turn out as the picture and I just make my own twist and I’m fine with that. But when I knowingly make a mistake and I want to undo it and I know there is a ‘simple’ fix but I cannot seem to do it and I have to start from scratch each time because I cannot figure out the simple fix it frustrates me. Because if I put it down I almost forget how to knot/ crotchet in between my long pauses each time (my frustration will not let me pick it up again for a long time because I cannot make something). I want to do a baby blanket as well before my husband and I start trying so I have a jump, LOL. That way I can have a gift for my baby to treasure!

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