LoveMe Challenge, Day 13



Day #13: Share a quote.

I actually want to share two, that are related, and make up like of my life motto.

I kind of see it as, the hard things in life help me grow stronger, if I let them. And the stronger I get, the easier the hard things are to deal with next time. It’s like a cycle of learning to deal with the hard things.

(I realize I say this as I’m currently in a cycle of numbing out daily through binging and purging instead of facing the hard stuff.)


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  1. I like these. Storms also make trees lose branches, leaves and bend with a constant wind from the same direction. Life is dynamic, we all have numbing things we do because we get tired of feeling. The key is to forgive yourself, love yourself and treat yourself like the best friend you ever had, because you are the best friend you will ever have.

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