The Lies Kyle Tells


Recently, in art therapy, I drew my eating disorder, and named it Kyle. Today in experiential therapy, we talked about abusive behavior and how our eating disorders are abusive toward us. Then, we wrote down lies and mean things that our eating disorders tell us, and then a neutral or positive thought to counter them. Below are some of the common thoughts Kyle tells me, and the neutral/positive thoughts I wrote down to counter them.

  • You are disgusting.
    • I am a beautiful human person.
  • You don’t need food.
    • I am a human person with physical needs.
  • You aren’t human.
    • I am a human person.
  • I keep your emotions in check.
    • Emotions are healthy and a necessary part of the human experience.
  • You don’t deserve to eat.
    • I am a human person with basic physical needs who deserves food.
  • You are worthless.
    • I have great worth and value to give to this world.
  • If you do what I say, you’ll be happy.
    • I am not happy living with my eating disorder.
  • Dying of anorexia would be an accomplishment.
    • Dying of anorexia would be a tragedy, and pointless.
  • No one loves you but me.
    • I am loved by many people.
  • There’s nothing really wrong with you.
    • I have a serious mental illness that needs to be addressed and treated.
  • You are ugly.
    • I am a beautiful human person.
  • You are too fat for food.
    • All people need food, I am a human person with physical needs. I deserve food.




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  1. Thank you for dropping by me blog. guess what? you are the first to actually “liked” it. I have a long way before i can make my dream of making the mentally ill being called mentally different comes true, because honestly that’s who we are actually.

    I am a doctor myself. In fact i love psychiatry when i was a student. It was a difficult thing to accept that you can’t even prevent something you’ve learn and worse, you can’t find a way to treat yourself

    But when i put down my ego as a doctor and really put my effort into healing, i found the way through studying CBT (Not undergoing it). Now at a young age of 28 Im already set to devote my life into studying how to get rid of mental health stigma and help people like me

    I always wonder what i have. Depression or Bipolar? Because initially my diagnosis was depression but I have this ability to just write my heart out into very long essay of ideas that keeps flowing like a grandious fountain (and english is not even my main language!I am a malay). But what my psychiatrist told me, “I dont really care what your diagnosis are, the most important thing is that you can cope with it” that’s exactly what i want to hear from him. So it doesnt matter what you have, as long as you can find a way to cope with it, that’s all that matters

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  2. A2! Nice work on this one! I remember your drawing of Kyle. I enjoyed reading you giving him some backbone. The stronger you get…the stronger you get. Keep building on each victory, each increase in strength over Kyle! Still cheering for you!

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