I’m fasting. I went to the doctor and he told me I need to lose weight. So, I will, the only way I know how.

I don’t know how long I’ll be fasting, but for now, indefinitely.


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  1. Fasting doesn’t work, not long term. I was of that mind as well very recently, but it all comes back with a vengeance, my friend.
    I shit you not, the ONLY thing that worked for me was Sweatin to the Oldies. Laugh of you will, but that shit worked. I lost 45 pounds doing it in 6 months, twice a day.

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  2. Does your doctor even know about your eating disorder? If so, he’s a moron. If not, you need to tell him. Losing weight by fasting is bad for your health. It’s how you develop heart problems at a younger age from… Actually, not my place to mother. Sorry. Exercise and eating properly is how you lose best. If you want, you can message me and I can talk to you about it in non-public. But just be careful, please.

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  3. There is a ritual to fasting that is very seductive. Fasting is also simple. Instead of the anxiety-inducing complexes that the idea of food inspires – simple denial of that food and fighting the ambivalence to hunger is somehow easier. I’ve still not worked it out. Hugs xx

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  4. Ack. I’ve seen my fair share of doctors who say stupid things. (At 32, and underweight, I was told I couldn’t have anorexia because I was too old…) I also know how a disordered mind can interpret things so differently to the original meaning/intent or in a completely different way to how a non-disordered mind might interpret something. For example – my mother once commented (after a period of weight loss) that she could “now see my nose”…my immediate interpretation (in my starvation induced state) was that she must have thought I had a fat nose and now that I was losing weight, my nose was finally not fat anymore. My rational and sane partner, on the other hand, interpreted it in the way which was probably true; that my mother was extremely concerned about my rapid weight loss and was actually attempting to make the statement that I was too thin, as evident by my sunken cheeks and now, prominent nose. If your doctor did indeed say those, do you have someone you trust who you can run the full scenario by, to get an alternative interpretation? E.g. what was the context of the comment? Was the doctor concerned about the results of a blood test and glucose/cholesterol or any other levels which can get all out of balance when fasting and/or purging? I know how easy (and comforting) it can be to have disordered desires validated and maybe getting the opinion of a friend you trust who can talk through how a non-ED brain might understand the scenario and statements might help? Please be kind and gentle with yourself. Peace and courage, xo.

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  5. Please don’t do this. Fasting is NOT the answer to weight loss. How much weight do you need to lose? Are you sure you need to lose weight at all? If you are struggling with an eating disorder, weight loss needs to be taken off the table right now. Your focus should be on eradicating disordered eating behaviors from your life, not on losing weight. Are you seeing or have you ever seen a therapist who specializes in eating disorders? I’m sorry you’re going through this.



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