As I try to coerce two almost-two year olds to eat their dinner, I can’t help but feel like the hypocrite I am. I want them to eat, but refuse to myself. What a horrible aunt, what a terrible role model.


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  1. You are not being a hypocrite , you are being a caring aunt. We want those that we care about to have what is best for them and we do our best to give it to them , even when we are incapable of giving ourselves what is best for us.

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  2. That’s actually kind of how I feel. I have been watching my sister’s twins, one of each since they are 3 and it has been 5 years. While I should and sometimes can do a whole lot, I find myself very lax.

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  3. For too long, shame and stigma kept me silent. Congratulate yourself for speaking out and see that you are not a hypocrite. You are strong, you are enough, and you will prevail.

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  4. Please don’t be so hard on yourself- I have felt exactly the same. There cane a point where my niece didn’t want to eat there dinner because I didn’t eat anything, it broke my heart, but use that to help motivate you to get better. Just think that one day you will be able to sit and eat with them. Don’t be so hard on yourself x

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  5. that experience is probably moar common than you think; I have to deal with it all the time considering how I 💘 fish and my child is allergic. 😦

    wish she wasn’t, would make me feel better. but you just want the best for your young under your care, right?

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