Friendship time and not freaking out



Today I went to the Nature and Science museum with a friend, We went to the imax underwater movie and that was really neat. I have a fascination with the ocean so it was amazing to see so many deep sea and oceanic creatures. In 3D no less. We also we to the Poison Exhibit. Unfortunately, the poison exhibit was highly disappointing. Next, we went to the Mythical Creatures Exhibit and that was way more interesting. Above is a picture of a Pegasus from the exhibit.

After the museum, we went to Trader Joe’s. My friend needed to do a little grocery shopping and asked if we could go. I bought some goat cheese. That may sound like nothing, something not even worth mentioning, but that’s huge. Grocery shopping in general has always been hard, but I have never done it in front of a friend. Even something as simple as buying a single log of goat cheese, I would never have done before. I wouldn’t have let anyone know that I eat goat cheese, let alone see me buy it. I didn’t do anything that associated me with food. So yeah, I bought food in front of my friend. And I didn’t freak out (very much).


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  1. Stumbled across your blog – this post made me want to say: I am proud of you! πŸ™‚ Well done you – and good for you for celebrating the big victories! \o/

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  2. Good for you! It’s not a small thing! I still struggle with the grocery store…there are times I still have to bail and let my fiance finish the shopping. So yeah I totally feel you on this one! Way to go! πŸ™‚

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