Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem


Sometimes (most of the time), the rhetoric surrounding depression and suicide really annoys me.

Some people, yes, will come out of a temporary bout with depression or suicidal thoughts. However, for others, it’s not temporary. For some, the storm DOES last forever.

For those people, for me, these trite phrases don’t help, they irritate. They accuse. They judge.

I have tried for over 15 years to get past this. It’s not like I haven’t fought. It’s not like I sat around in self pity. I have fought, tooth and nail. And sometimes I manage to find the light for a while and sometimes I find a steady place to rest, but for the most part my life is the storm. I am the storm. And I can’t last forever.

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  1. It would also be nice if people realized how much the people closest to us affect our ability to truly get and stay well. At the same time that we might be healthier if we could walk away from those people, but at the same time doing so might make us feel even worse sometimes. I hope you can get find your way back to your steady place for awhile.

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