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Poem from my momma


When I got home, my mom handed me a piece of paper. It had a poem that she had written for me. I want to share it with you.

She stands, wilting in the heat
Breathing heavily, she scans the vast, red, barren land in front of her
She bows her head and sighs

I can’t

A gentle little breeze brushes her hair against her cheek
As a quiet voice whispers in her ear

I am here

She slowly raises her head and unsteadily ventures on
Each step painfully slow, labored
Her only thought

One more
One more

She struggles on
Devastated by the small progress made
Scanning the horizon, she stops
And sighs

I can’t
I can’t

A gentle breeze arises around her feet
And up from the ground
To brush her cheek and whispers into her empty heart

I am here

As the heat and despair grows
She blindly staggers on her way
Oblivious to anything around her

One more
She gasps
One more

At last confused, abandoned, lost, defeated
Devoid of all thought
She sinks to the ground
Exhausted and without hope
She puts her head into her hands and sobs
A gentle breeze swirls around her
Filling her warmth
And breathes

Let it go
I am here