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Eating Disorder references on TV


Woman (on elliptical): Just 5 more minutes, I had a huge dinner last night.
Man: I’m sure you’ve worked off all that celery by now.

Later in the episode…

Woman #1, again on the elliptical.
Man: Get down, you look like a gerbil.
Woman #2, to man: You’ve got him (the son of Woman 1 and Man) so scared of you, he’s afraid to tell you the truth.
Woman #1: He’s not afraid of me!
Woman #2: Of course he’s not afraid of you, he could snap you like a twig!
Woman #1, excited and looking flattered: Really!? Like a twig!?

Sometimes, I ED-talk to the TV


Commercial: When I can’t go, it feels like bricks piling up.

Me: Laxatives.

No wonder we’re all so fucked up


You know what the model above needs to do? Lose weight.

Wait, I’m sorry, what?

I hate weight loss commercial. They’re so freaking triggering.

But more so, I hate weight loss commercials where the people who need to lose weight are already thin.