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I had counseling today. It was not fun.
We touched on some very hard things from my past and I spent a good portion of the time cycling between tears, freaking out, and disassociating.

I also found out that my insurance has only approved treatment through the end of the week.

Dinner was very hard. I DID finish, though! No boost today!

Our nutrition group was really hard. I don’t really know how to explain why, but we were all slightly freaking out by the end. Some of us more than slightly.

Also, she announced that next week, we’ll be going to a restaurant for dinner. I’m not terribly excited about that.

My nutritionist wants me to eat more, she reminded me. So I grabbed some groceries on the way home. Hopefully I can do it tomorrow.

I have every intention to binge and purge tonight. I need to de-stress, and it seemed like a better idea than this:

Anyway, I need this week to count, because it may be my last.