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LoveMe Challenge, Day 10



Day #10: Share a secret.

Sometimes I see things like luggage or boxes or other inanimate objects and I feel intense jealousy toward them because I know they weigh less than I do. I resent them.


Sometimes I hate naming my posts


Today was pretty uneventful. I went to church with a friend this morning. I came home and watched a couple episodes of Mr Selfridge. I took a nap. I studied for my final. Now I’m watching Psych with my brother’s girlfriend.

Oh, and I binged and purged after church. And then avoided food since. After binging and purging all day yesterday, I had a horrible, terrible bulimia hangover this morning.

I “fixed” it by binging and purging again. Then, I got in a “I hate food” mood and was angry and resentful toward it. So I haven’t eaten. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow, I haven’t followed my meal plan at all this week. I will definitely hear about it.