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Looking forward to freedom



This weekend, my homework was to take my trigger list, pick the top 5, and write out 3 coping skills for each. My other homework was to make a body image timeline.

I finished the trigger coping skills pretty quickly. The body image timeline has taken me all weekend and I just finished.

I had some scratch paper and scratch board lying around from years ago and decided I would make a  sheet for each point on the timeline. I have to present my timeline, so I wanted to come up with a creative way to do so.

Most of them have pictures, but the last one is the image above.

“The future holds freedom.”

That’s what I keep trying to remind myself.


Guess what I’ve been up to


Bulimia: This girl is doing it wrong.

Anyway, this is essentially what my day has consisted of.

I’m frustrated with myself.

My goal for tomorrow is to NOT binge and purge.

I would like to say that it’s also to try to follow my meal plan, but honestly, I’d just like to not binge and purge at the moment.