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Rejecting Christ


I’m going to start out with this: GAahhhHHHH!

I am swearing off dating. At least, I’m swearing off dating Christian guys. For now.

I was told today that I’m rejecting Christ, rejecting the Bible, and am not “entitled” to understand the Bible because I don’t believe that it’s biblically required for a woman to change her name when she marries. I wish this were a one-time occurrence, that this was just a particularly extreme case. It’s not.

I’m tired of being told that I either don’t understand, or am not capable of understanding, the Bible. I’m tired of being told that I’m a heathen, a Jezebel, ungodly, not-Christlike, or not really a Christian because of this one single point. I was also told today that I need to stop reading feminism books and start reading the Bible.

I’m just going to point this out right now: NOWHERE in the Bible does it say a woman should, or must, change her name at marriage. In fact, in biblical times, people didn’t have last names. On top of that, women have only been changing their names for about the last thousand years. Just because it’s a tradition doesn’t mean the Bible dictates it. Stop interpreting the Bible through the lens of your own culture and biases instead of in the context in which it was written.

Also, I don’t identify myself as a feminist, but if I did, that’s also not unbiblical. And to imply that I don’t read the Bible? Seriously?

I’m just over it. I think I’m going to take a break from dating. This is just too aggravating.


Forever Alone


I’ve determined, after another ridiculous conversation with another man who is offended that I don’t want to take my future husband’s last name, that I will be forever alone. 

It’s not just my love of my own last name, either. It’s my desire to adopt instead of birth children. It’s my determination to homeschool my children. It’s being a Christian who thinks gay people should be allowed to marry. It’s having a stupid bulimic brain filled with arbitrary rules and irrational fears. It’s so many things.