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Rough Day


I ate twice today. That’s more than I ate in the last week. I purged both times, and then took a handful of laxatives. I’ve been nauseous and dizzy all day. I just purged and took laxatives for the second time and now my chest hurts on top of the nausea and dizziness.

It hasn’t been a very productive day due to the way I’ve been feeling. I didn’t get any knitting done because I didn’t have the energy to lift my arms. I didn’t get any housework done because I was too nauseous to move around.

I’ll probably go to bed early because I just feel so blah.


Even if it’s just dehydration


After seeing the scale just now, being up all night dealing with a laxative overdose was worth it.

Forgotten Side Effects


Whenever I stop taking laxatives, I always forget about the side effects, like the nausea and the stomach cramps.

Still worth it, though.

Yay, I’m not in the hospital!


I wasn’t sent to the hospital. I’m really excited about that.

However, I feel like shit. I’m dizzy, weak, probably dehydrated, nauseous, etc, etc. I just want to lie in bed all day.

Unfortunately, the building owner is coming in the morning to inspect all the units, so I need to clean. >_<



I just keep vomiting abd I’m not sure why. It’s going to be a long night.

Exercise-indused nausea



For the first time in 6 years, I exercised until I vomited.

I had wanted to go longer, but I’m literally too sick right now. I’m so frustrated.

Eating when I’m full


One of the things I hate most about binging and purging is when I’m full from binging to the point where I’m in physical pain…but I keep eating anyway. I don’t understand why I do this. I just can’t seem to stop.

The food doesn’t even taste good anymore, and every bite makes me feel like I’m going to vomit. I feel like my stomach is going to tear open. Yet, I keep eating.

I hate myself.

In which I can’t take my bedtime meds…



Because I took way too many laxatives today and am having severe stomach cramps and diarrhea.

Also, what you didn’t realize is that picture above is of me. I have the sexiest stomach cramps ever.

And now for a man with three buttocks. No, wait, I mean the TMI warning. I’m seriously considering just putting up a permanent TMI warning for my blog. By the way, I’m about to talk about poo.

Nausea and cramping aren’t the only things going on a la laxatives. (I don’t technically think that’s the correct way to use “a la” but it sounded nice in my head.) As often happens when I take too many, my pills from this morning were in there. That’s super useful.

Anyway, the pain and nausea are so bad that I’m afraid it’s going to be another night of uncontrollable vomiting. I really hope not. Like, really really hope not.

Please sleep instead, body. Please…

Breaking the fast


So I ate! Ugh…

I ate 9 pieces of candy (Reese’s Pieces) and now I feel so sick. Pure sugar was NOT the best idea to eat after not eating for a few days. I feel like I might be sick. -____-




I was finally able to sleep a little! I took a nap for about 40 minutes. Unfortunately, I woke up incredibly nauseous. Ugh. Also, my hand still hurts.