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The Great Pants Experiment: Update #2


So today I wanted an honest outside opinion on my jeggings versus my skinny jeans, so I showed both to my mom and asked her which she though looked better on me. I was fully expecting her to say the skinny jeans, but to my total surprise, she said the jeggings look better on me. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this.

I know it’s just one person’s opinion, but it goes against everything I had believed could be true. I hadn’t held any room in my brain for a possibility that the jeggings could look better on me. Probably because I feel so much more comfortable in the skinny jeans than the jeggings. I still haven’t worn the jeggings out of the house. But maybe I’ll try now. Now that I have someone who thinks they look better on me than the pants I’m comfortable in.


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The Great Pant Experiment: An update


As you may remember, a few days ago, I bought the first pants I’ve owned in years. Not only were they pants, they were skinny jeans. Well, I wore them. I wore them in my home first. Then I wore them in public. And I found I like them. I liked wearing pants. They are comfortable and easy and casual and I just like them. So today, while I was out, I bought more pants! However, today, I bought *GASP* jeggings!! I thought, “I bought skinny jeans and loved them, the next logical step is jeggings.”

Yeah, I do NOT like them. Oh, don’t get me wrong, they are comfortable. They are like not wearing pants at all. Therein lies the problem. I feel sooo self-conscious in them. At least in the jeans I felt like I was wearing clothes. The jeggings feel like I’m wearing nothing, like I’m walking around without clothing on my bottom half. I feel indecent! Maybe it’s a feeling I’ll get used to, but I can’t see myself wearing them out of the house at this point. I would be so self-conscious, more so than normal, and that’s saying a lot.