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Planned Intervention


A bit ago I wrote about my dad’s infection in his leg and how he’s believing for faith healing and refuses to see a doctor for it.

Well, my siblings, mom, and I talked yesterday. We talked about how worried we are about him and his health, and how we’re worried about losing him. So, we have staged an intervention for tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it. I hate confrontation. I don’t want to confront him on this. However, something needs to give, because I’m terrified of losing him. So, I’ll be a part of this intervention if it give more weight to the event. I assume the more people who come together the more seriously he’ll take it.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t just blow us off.

Trying not to slide


I didn’t throw away the laxatives. I took some last night. And some more this morning. More this afternoon. Again just now. Yeah, that escalated quickly.

Right after I finished taking the last batch, I saw on Facebook that a friend is going back to eating disorder treatment. Instead of (just) being worried about her, my mind began to play the “I’m not sick enough” tape. The “if I up the amount of laxatives and start purging again, I can be sick enough again” tape. The “why did you stop in the first place, you idiot??” tape. The “your friend is better than you because she needs treatment again already” tape. On and on and on, my mind plays them.