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A new Knitting pattern and other things


I started a new scarf today using the pattern above (the picture links to the pattern). I’ve been meaning to start the scarf for a few days now but the original pattern I was going to use had me a little intimidated. However, today I decided to just get started. Unfortunately, when I went to sit down and do it, the website with the pattern was down, so I had to search for another pattern. I landed on this one because I wanted something lacy and feminine for my niece and I was pretty sure I could figure out the pattern. So, after youtubing the stitches, I got to work!

I tested the pattern on an extra skein of yarn I have first to make sure I actually understood the pattern. Once I had that down, I started the real thing. It’s only about 6 inches long so far, but I’ve started! And considering it’s only going to be about 2 and a half feet long, I think I made good progress!

Today was productive in some other ways too, in the sense that I did some housecleaning and got in a workout, but between my lingering fibromyalgia pain and my anxiety, I wasn’t up to leaving the house for a walk. I did do my nails, though, and that always makes me feel a little better about myself.

New Smoothie and Sun Side Effect


I discovered a new favorite smoothie! For lunches, I each smoothies. They’re just fruit and yogurt, and sometimes a little fruit juice. Today’s was peach-blackberry. It was sooooo delicious!

I also am dealing with the delightful side effects of being out in the sun two days in a row. Yes, I have quite the little sunburn. I discovered this morning that I don’t own any sunblock. I discovered this afternoon that I don’t own any aloe.

Fibromyalgia wins the day


I didn’t make it to the rec center. I made it about half of the 2 mile walk to the rec center.

One of the joys of fibromyalgia is that it can lie in wait, silently, and POUNCE the moment you do anything physically stimulating. The pain started almost immediately, and escalated consistently as I walked toward the rec center. After about a mile, I knew I wasn’t going to make it. I sat down for a few minutes to let my body rest because the pain was so bad I wasn’t sure I could walk in any direction.

After a short rest, I started walking back toward home. The pain continued to increase as I walked home. It became nearly disabling. I kept having to stop to rest to let the pain subside just enough to allow me to continue my trek. By the time I was 5 minutes out, I was in tears from the pain and feeling the world’s biggest fool for crying just because I had to walk home, something people do and take for granted all the time.

I entered my home with gritted teeth. I walked straight to my bed, kicked my shoes off, and collapsed on my bed. I just lay there for probably 20 minutes, breathing deeply to keep the tears back, and waiting for the pain to recede to a manageable level.

The pain is still pretty bad. That’s another fun part of fibromyalgia. Just because you stop being active doesn’t mean the pain goes away. It sticks around, sometimes for 2 or 3 days, just to miff you.

I really loathe walking…but I’m going to do it anyway


When I lived in a small town in Oregon, I actually walked everywhere and I loved it. If I’m walking to somewhere, I enjoy it. However, if I’m walking just to walk, walking to fulfill a fitness goal, I kind of really hate it. Yet, I’m about to head out on a walk/jog because I bought this Fitbit and I have a goal of 10,000 steps and the only way to do that is to leave my house. Unfortunately, there is NOTHING close by I can walk to. If I want to walk about 6 miles, I can walk to downtown, but I’m not sure I have 12 miles in me today.

I wish there was a walking app that had a “what’s nearby?” feature that showed what’s of interest that you can walk to. I’d walk to the library, but it’s closed of Sundays.  The only other thing I know of in my neighborhood is a Walmart and I don’t really want to walk around a Walmart.


So after some googling, I found a rec center nearby, so I’m going to walk over there. Unfortunately, the pool is closed on Sundays, but I think the rest of the center is open. If nothing else, I can go and get more information.

Muscle Spasms


My calves are so sore from the last couple days that every time I move them even a little my muscles cramp up.

Busy, busy


I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been super busy.

What have I been doing, you ask? Well, I’ve been studying for another Praxis exam. I took that on Thursday afternoon…and I passed! I’m so relieved.

I’ve also been working! A lot!

Remember when I mentioned that I had exciting news coming in a couple weeks? Well, it’s time!

I’ve been selling Jamberry! I’ve been anxiously awaiting having the money to get started because I fell in love with these wraps during a friend’s party. I’ve been selling them this week and it’s been going really well. I love this business, this product, and getting paid to have beautiful nails and host parties. This is right up my alley! Join me in my excitement! (I’m going to shamelessly plug my business now.)


What is Jamberry?
Well, let me tell you!
Jamberry wraps are high quality vinyl wraps for your fingernails and toenails. They are easy to apply, durable, and beautiful.

Normally, I’m very hard on my nail. I love to paint my nails and have them look nice, but I can spend so much time on painting and decorating them, only to have them chip an peal the next day, even with base and top coat. However, when I wear my Jamberry wraps, they last! I wore my last wraps for 16 days and they still looked great! I only took them off because I wanted to change things up!

What does a sheet of nail wraps get you? One sheet gets you at least 2 manicures and 2 pedicures. The wraps last up to 2 weeks on hands and up to 4-6 weeks on toes and are incredibly durable! That’s $3.75 apiece. And if you do the buy 3 get 1 free deal it’s only $11.25 per sheet and $2.81 per manicure or pedicure!! How much does a quality manicure or pedicure cost you at a salon?

I can also make custom wraps! Here are some that people asked me for this week.

courage wrap Dance wraps downs2 MaW2 Mercy2

Quilting Wrap yellow

Things that make me feel good


2014-07-29 23.19.56

And then I cut my hair


The last few weeks have been hard.

I had a complete mental breakdown while I my friend was in town. That was frustrating and very embarrassing.

Then, when I came home to find that I had no internet and no tv, I was even more frustrated. I don’t “watch” a lot of tv, but I like to have it on for background noise. I don’t handle silence well.

I then discovered I was being kicked out of school. No surprise there, I haven’t done anything school related in months. However, at the reality of it, I panicked. I need to stay in school. I need to get my degree.

Finally, Sunday night I lost my phone service. I felt completely alone and isolated with no phone service and no internet. I was already not doing well, and this just added to it.

For the last week I’ve had a hard time finding a reason to get out of bed. Getting out of bed just means I will eat. There is nothing to do, no one to talk to, and nothing that needs to be done. Why, therefore, should I get out of bed at all?

I did, though. Each day I would get up sometime between 2 and 5pm, stay up until around midnight, and then go back to bed. I wasn’t asleep most of this time, just lying in bed. Sometimes reading, sometimes playing games. Sometimes just lying there hating myself.

I couldn’t even get myself to exercise. I went from working out up to 8 hours a day to nothing. I would look at my bike and think, “I should really exercise,” and then I just wouldn’t. I stopped showering and some days didn’t even get dressed. I upped my laxatives, got drunk, and tried to stay far away from my blades.

After leaving messages with my school over the weekend, I got a call back Monday morning. If I could show specific progress, I and keep that up, I could stay in school. I felt relief, but also pressure. I had been avoiding my classes for the last 2 months and I felt completely overwhelmed at where to even start. I went and looked at my books, closed them, and tried to numb out.

Then, I received an email with the schedule of progress I need to keep. I looked at week one. I started with what seemed easiest and most clear. “Just start,” I told myself.

It was slow at first, but I began tackling that list.

Yesterday, I woke up and had renewed determination. I got up and showered, then pulled my hair into one hand and cut most of it off. I had been growing my hair out for the last few years and it was pretty long. However, I needed a change, and I needed something tangible. Cutting my hair, like controlling my intake and outtake, is something I can control. However, unlike with food, it brings immediate results.

After brushing my now-mangled hair, I went to my mom and asked if she could cut it straight for me. She looked at my hair and asked what I had done. I explained that I had cut it, but I needed her to finish it. She asked why I cut it, I said that I am too depressed for long hair right now, it’s just too hard to take care of. Also, the weight of it was starting to give me migraines. She finished cutting my hair for me.

Yesterday, I made good progress on my list. I also exercised. Only for an hour. I ate dinner. I didn’t keep it down, but I did eat it. I reduced the amount of laxatives I’m taking.

Today, I finished the first week’s worth of progress for school. My first thought was to keep going and start work on week two. However, I know that’s how I get burnt out. This evening I am taking a break. I’m going to read and enjoy having internet for a few hours while it lasts. I’m going to bounce my head around while I enjoy the new lightness of my hair. I’m going to try to be ok to just be.

Maybe it will last. Maybe it won’t. But for now, I’m ok.

Whimper, cry


I chose this picture entirely for how ridiculous it looks. Also, this man has 3 legs.

Anyway, I upped the resistance on my bike today. It killed me. I’m just going to sit here, very still, and pretend I don’t have legs.

This post is gluten-free


Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with you going gluten-free, whether it’s for health reasons or just because you want to. I just find it funny how a concept catches on and then everyone is doing it, whether they understand it or not. I also find it hilarious when a product is labeled gluten-free when there’s no reason there should ever be gluten in that product. (Did you know Twizzlers are gluten-free?)