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I just wanted to express how in love I feel with the new guy. We’ve known each other for almost a year and have been dating just over 2 months now and I have fallen head over heals for him. It feels so good to be in love again. And to feel like this time, he loves me back and his love is genuine.


Trying to follow my meal plan



I weighed myself this morning and I gained. Not much, but it was still a gain.

It’s so hard to follow my meal plan as it is when all I want to do is restrict, let alone when it’s making me gain weight. I feel like my meal plan is the guy in the blue shirt in the comic above and I’m the one in the green shirt. It’s not content to punch me in the stomach (keep me from restricting) it has to rub its butt in my face (make me gain weight) as well.

LoveMe Challenge, Day Final



Day #28: What have you learned this 28 days?

I have learned that it’s hard for me to stick to a challenge like this. I’ve also learned that I can do it. I’ve learned that I can be kind and gentle with myself. I’ve learned that others are very kind to me. And very encouraging. I’ve learned it’s good to take a moment to stop my negative thoughts and try to think well of myself, even if it is just for that moment.