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Road Trip Weekend


This weekend my three brothers and I road tripped to Albuquerque. I have to say, I’ve been to Albuquerque twice now and I’ve hated it both times. It’s hard to navigate, it’s run down (at least the parts I’ve been to), there are cops everywhere, and there’s not a decent liquor store in the city. However, we had a lot of fun despite the city.

Also, our hotel room had a miniature kitchen, so we were able to get groceries and not eat out for every meal, which was a huge relief for me. I was able to mostly follow my meal plan the whole weekend and find balance in my eating. That’s major progress for me.

Now to just work on my homework from my outpatient therapist: coming up with a schedule for my meals and sticking to them. Over the weekend I just ate when my brothers ate. They eat pretty regularly so I used them as my regulators. At home, I haven’t been good at getting my meals in because I don’t have a schedule down yet, so I need to figure out when I’m eating my meals with my new schedule, and then actually eat without the accountability of three other people constantly around in close quarters.