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I babysat overnight and into this afternoon for my twin niece and nephew. I should have brought a blanket with me because I was freezing last night. Even after turning the heat up.

I love babysitting the twins. They’re so much fun. They’re 17 months and everything is new and exciting to them!

Pool Therapy


I just got back from physical therapy. I had it in the pool today. Wow! I’m so much more sore after being in the pool than being in the gym! I didn’t expect that at all!

I had a blast, though. I love being in the pool. I need to get a gym membership to a gym with a pool so I can work on these exercises on my own.

Bulimia explained in gifs (and other gifs from Psych)


Last night, I was looking for a gif of a specific scene from one of my favorite shows: Psych.

I didn’t find it, but I did find these.


Now ones that make me think of bulimia!