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I can’t believe you said that




For evening snack Friday night, I had a challenge snack and at a half cup of ice cream. Earlier that evening, my dad had, I thought jokingly, told me I couldn’t have any ice cream until I moved a lamp he wanted me to move. The lamp isn’t in a place I normally see, and he always reminds me when I’m in the middle of something else.

So when he saw I had eaten ice cream, he asked if I had moved the lamp. I said no. He told me to go to the bathroom and stick my finger down my throat and throw it up. I was in complete shock, and didn’t know how to respond. I already wanted to purge the ice cream. And my dad knows I’m bulimic. He knows I’m in treatment for bulimia. He takes me to and from treatment every day!

I went to my room and texted my mom, in tears, and told her what happened and how I wanted to purge and how his comment just kept going through my brain. She told me that she knew my brain was probably being really loud, but to try knitting or watching something and distracting myself. So I did. I got out my knitting and I put on Parks and Recreation and I just sat in my room trying to pretend me father didn’t exist and I distracted myself for the next couple hours until I eventually went to bed, purge-free.


It knows…



My friend who is coming to visit next week from out of state was talking about her game in Animal Crossing so I decided I should charge my DS and check out how my town was doing. (In case you’re not familiar with the game, you get to run a town with adorable animal townsfolk.)

When I first got into the game, I noticed I had mail. One of them was a letter from my in-game father. (You never see either of your parents, but they send you mail from time to time.) The image above is the letter he sent me.

It’s eerie, no?