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Feeling accomplished



This morning I saw my therapist. I committed to doing the year-long DBT program. Now I have to go through a lengthy referral process. I then spent a couple hours in the Social Security Office.

The rest of the day, I spent finishing this hat!! It’s adorable and small for for my toddler niece. My sister specifically asked that it have ties because my niece won’t keep it on without being tied on. The color isn’t the best, but it’s various shades of blues and it’s going to look great with her blue eyes and blonde hair. I can’t wait to see it on her!

Now I need to finish my Nephew’s scarf, make his hat, and make my niece a scarf.

Knitting has been really good for me. I engage in eating disordered behaviors so much less since I started knitting. It gives me something productive and healthy to funnel my energy into.


DBT for you


In the treatment center where I was recently working toward recovery, we had a DBT group and I talked about it a few times. I’ve received some comments about how difficult it is to find DBT therapy for some people, so I wanted to share this website with you. It’s a website I was told about in our DBT group, and I’m hoping it my help some of you!

DBT Self Help

There’s a lot of information about DBT on the site, but I linked you to some of the practical applications, worksheets, and mindfulness so you can dive right in if you want.