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Mixed signals


So I got a message from the boy today.

The one I just broke up with because he doesn’t love me and was only in a relationship with me because he felt depressed not being in a relationship?

I feel like I have such a strong attachment to you that staying away from you is like pulling apart bonded hydrogen atoms in my heart.”



Mental incompetance


I’ve been having trouble keeping track of what year it is. The other day, I thought wrote that it was 2010 before I caught myself. Today, I was thinking it was 2015.

Sometimes, I forget my cat’s name. I’ve had her for almost 3 years.

It takes me a while to figure out and remember people’s faces. Sometimes I can meet someone, talk to them for an hour, and then not recognize them when I see them again.

If there are actors on a show or movie who look similar, I can’t always tell them apart.

I have forgotten my own name, and today, I had to look at my prescription to remember the spelling of my own name to give it to the pharmacist over the phone.

When I was dating someone earlier this year, I sometimes couldn’t remember his name.

Sometimes when I go to read something, the print makes no sense and doesn’t even register as words.

I had to buy a weekly pill sorter very similar to the one above because not only do I sometimes forget to take my meds, but sometimes I can’t remember whether or not I have taken them that day.

I could keep giving examples.

I have brought these up to numerous doctors, but none of them take them seriously. It’s frustrating, and also frightening.