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The height of discomfort

  • Large box of Lucky Charms
  • Bag of baby carrots
  • hummus
  • Tub of macaroni salad
  • 3 packages of Peeps

This is the food I had in my cart today while waiting in line at the register when a commercial came on for binge eating disorder.

I have since binge and purged all of it, but the discomfort remains. The whole time it was playing, I could feel people’s eyes on me, wondering, judging, watching me squirm.


No wonder we’re all so fucked up


You know what the model above needs to do? Lose weight.

Wait, I’m sorry, what?

I hate weight loss commercial. They’re so freaking triggering.

But more so, I hate weight loss commercials where the people who need to lose weight are already thin.