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Playing Portal on my Bike


I played this level (among others) earlier. I originally played Portal on my computer several years ago. Then, Microsoft offered The Orange Box for $5 on the 360 and I was so excited. I had just been telling the boy that I wanted to re-play the original Portal.

In December, I received a sizable bonus from Jamberry (yeah, that’s going well for me) so I bought myself a large tv and a new Xbox 360 because my old one was the original from a million years ago with a hard drive of 4 gigs (because who would think you’d be downloading games directly onto your gaming system?) and it would only read my games like a tenth of the time and whenever I turned it on it sounded like it was going to explode.

Most of my game collection at the moment is for the 360, so I got a new one. It’s blue, and it’s beautiful, and it has a 500 gig hard drive. (Ok, enough bragging…)

Annnyway, I set my tv and new xbox up in my room and today, I spent a good amount of time on my stationary bike in front of the tv playing Portal. I think I found my new love: playing video games while working out. It combines two of my favorite things, and removes the guilt of being inactive while playing games.

It’s a good thing I have so many new (to me) games to play!

In just the last couple weeks, I have acquired (either free from having XBox Live Gold, purchasing, or for Christmas) Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, Sleeping Dogs, SSX, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, The Orange Box (which comes with Portal, Half-Life, Team Fortress 2 and maybe others?), and 2 of the Call of Duty games (Black Ops 2 and Ghosts?).

(So yeah, if you play, and want to join me, just let me know!)

Right now, I’m watching a movie with my mom, but I really just want to go back and play games on my bike.