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Disordered Reunion


Most awkward reunion ever!

Last night was the reunion of the people I was in treatment with earlier this year.

We were all both excited and incredibly nervous. When people started to arrive, there was a period of awkward conversation mingled with equally awkward silence, and a lot of sizing each other up and comparing.

Then, we ate! Oh, yeah!

The lady who was hosting it at her home initiated it, and then we all felt obligated. You could feel the tension in the air as we each, for the first time in many months, ate around each other. And unlike when we were in treatment, we weren’t all required to eat certain foods or portions, so there was that extra fear of judgment. It’s one thing to eat around other disordered people when your meals are dictated. It’s another entirely when you are in control of your food choices.

Most of the women did a great job at picking a variety of foods and getting balanced plates. A couple, like myself, got only fruits and veggies. I simply could not bring myself to get anything else. I went into panic mode as soon as people started getting food and I wanted to leave.

I stayed.

I stuck it out, and in the end, I’m glad I did. After the initial awkward, we all settled in and began to feel comfortable with each other again.Before long, conversation was flowing freely and naturally, intermixed with joking, memories, and funny stories.

A couple of the ladies left early, one because she had a long drive home, and the other because she had a date. After they left, the rest of us ended up playing Bezzerwizzer. We had a blast doing that.

Toward the end, I was reading the question on the card when it wanted to know which movie the following quote is from: “I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.” It was hilarious given the context in which we were playing the game.

We decided to get together again next month.


A nice change



I went to a friend’s house this afternoon to play games. We played Quelf, Bezzerwizzer, Mau, King’s Corner, and Rummy. We also had this little girl to help up play. She kept trying to eat the pieces and cards.