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Needed: Male Anorexics for Research Study


There’s a research study going on right now that needs adult males with a history of anorexia. If you are one, please go to http://neda.force.com/referrals?id=a024000000FwsZeAAJ

If you know of anyone that fits the criteria, please pass it along. Males with eating disorders are woefully underrepresented in research, treatment, and awareness.


My brother just made me cry


I have a little brother. He just sent me a text telling me he wants to dye his hair and beard periwinkle next February for eating disorder awareness month.

I cried.

We have never really talked about my eating disorder. He’s grown up with it, but it’s been the white elephant that no one will acknowledge.

I love this kid (he’s 11 years younger) and he has such a sweet spirit. He has such a way of melting my heart. As he just did.