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I just want vodka


I have some vodka hiding away from my parents in my brother’s fridge. I want to consume it. However, I don’t have any chaser or anything to mix it with. I can’t do straight vodka. Shucks. It’s probably for the best, I’m almost at my 400 calories for today. Maybe in 2 days, when I’m on my 800 day. I think Friday will be vodka day.


So, about that diet…


Yesterday, I saw some pictures of myself that I didn’t know had been taken. I saw how undeniably fay I am. I wanted to destroy the pictures.

I decided last night that something needs to change. So, I decided to do the 2468 diet. I used to do a varient of it when I was anorexic. I couldn’t eat 800 calories, so I changed it to the 01235 diet. However, being bulimic all these years, I thought I should ease back into it, so I’m starting with 800 and I’ll work down to 200 (so really, it’s the 8642 diet?).

For me personally, I do better when I have a new goal each day, which is why I like varying diets like this one. It’s also probably the easiest to follow because I know all the numbers and just cycle, unlike the ones that set up a month and then I’d have to look it up each day.

I’m still undecided as to whether to try to keep this food down. Even in small doses it’s hard to keep food in. For example, I’ve had 568 calories today, I haven’t purged, and I am STUFFED.