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At the treatment center where I’m getting treatment for my bulimia, we just moved to a new building. This means a new art room with clean, fresh walls. So, the art therapist decided to turn one wall into a recovery wall. She is having all the patients paint a symbol that means recovery to them. The anatomical heart above is what I painted on the wall. I chose a heart because I wanted to symbolize courage and to me, courage comes from the heart. I used red to symbolize the blood pumping through your veins when you are doing something courageous. I used yellow to symbolize life because recovery is about reclaiming your life.


The picture above is what I did in art last night. I wanted to try to process a little the trauma I’ve experienced in my past. This was a HARD  piece to do. I cried throughout it, and I had to take a break at one point, but it was a good experience, very therapeutic. I used black to represent the feeling of oppression that the trauma gives me. I used the red slash marks to indicate the wounds to my body, spirit, and soul that the trauma caused. Then I wrote words that the trauma brought and things that I felt I lost because of the trauma. Next week I want to either paint something pretty over it or on the back of it to acknowledge that the trauma will always be there, but it doesn’t need to control my life or be my focus, I can still build a beautiful life for myself.


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  1. Hey, A2! I haven’t seen you come up in my reader for quite some time. My apologies if been missing entries of yours! You have, however, remained in my prayers. This looks like some good work you’re doing in therapy! All the best, all my prayers!

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  2. I love your heart. No one represents the real deal like that. It is genuine. I am so glad you are doing therapy even if it feels difficult. I think that means it is helping.. so they tell me. I haven’t the courage yet.


  3. I’m so glad you found art as a way to aid you in your healing journey. I love anatomical heart (med student over here and I tend to geek out a little when it comes to medical stuff) and I love your idea of painting over the first painting. You show so much wisdom. Good to see you around…

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