Too Tired to keep this up


With the exception of while I was at my eye exam, I spent the whole day binging and purging, as has become my norm. My last purge was especially violent and I feel weak and shaky and too tired to keep binging and purging, even though I have a few more hours left in the day to pass. I don’t want to not binge and purge. When I’m not binging and purging, I start thinking about my ex and I start feeling and I can’t handle it and I start feeling suicidal. I just want to stay numb.


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  1. I have been where you are and it’s an awful and scary place to be. It’s about the worst way in the world to feel. Possibly your psych could admit you to a medical floor just to help you break the cycle. Really it takes being safe from yourself bc right now your mind just won’t let you do it. Could you stay with family or friends just to get away from your house?

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  2. I don’t want to “like” this because that sounds, I don’t know, like the wrong word. I don’t like that you’re going through this and I wish there was something more that I could do to help. Whatever the next step is, you have support.

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  3. babe i’m sorry ur passing through that shit 😳 what can i do for helping u? i understand ur thoghts and feelings so bad cuz i have buimia too, with the risk to sound like a mom i will recomend u to feel the pain about ur ex, trust: you are so fucking strong!!! don’t let your ed tell you the opposite, by the way… do you know the recoverywarriors web? maybe can help u. kisses and hugs gorgeous.


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