I’ve been binging and purging non-stop for the last 2 weeks. It seems to have caught up to me physically. My left side and stomach (anatomical stomach, not my abdomen) hurt so much! The pain is excruciating. I just finished purging and I am doubled over in pain.

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  1. I hope you will let a doctor check you out! This is very hard on your body, and a little check up could go a long way. You get rest, take care of yourself, call your therapist for the emotional support after you call the doc.. I am so sorry. I wish I could fix it.


  2. I think you should find the best hypnotherapist in your town and book an appointment – nothing else is working and if you get a skilled hypnotherapist you do have a chance of recovery because they will reboot your mind and get you off this destructive cycle


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    • I went to the ER. They determined it was pain from inflammation from purging, and from a cyst on my kidney. And I’m trying to get out of this terrible cycle, it’s just not working very well. But I’m working with my therapist and psychiatrist and I might be going into a higher level of care.

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      • Okay, that’s a relief. I was in therapy for a while until I also was taken into a higher level of care (hospitalization) and getting help really was worth it. Please take care! Hang in there.

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