Not the news I was hoping for


I met with my psychiatrist this morning. Due to the fact that I’ve been binging and purging non-stop the last week and few days, and the extreme emotional distress I’m in, he wants me to go back to the evening intensive outpatient program. I really don’t want to go back into the eiop, but I recognize it may be necessary for me right now.


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  1. When I finally got back into recovery I was actually grateful for iop. For me, it was twice weekly with my nutritionist and twice weekly with my therapist. It got me through the week and more importantly through the overwhelming turmoil of emotions. I hope you are able to embrace the process and take advantage of it. I managed to get funding but in the end had to pay for everything out of pocket so had to decrease my appointments and also go into debt.

    I suggest doing a pros and cons list for yourself to help with motivation and making a decision. Hugs, hang in there.

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