I met with my new eating disorder therapist yesterday. We went a half hour over our time, and I really like her so far.

Thursday morning I leave for California for two weeks with the fiance and I’m very excited, but also nervous. I know I’ll have to eat consistently, and won’t be able to purge like I’ve grown accustomed to again. I know these are technically good things, but the eating disorder part of my brain is screaming that it’s not going to be ok.


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  1. This will be a great way to push yourself out of your comfort zone. You aren’t going to get better and recover without feeling uncomfortable, unfortunately it is part of the process. Instead of focusing on purging and food try to enjoy the moment your in and the fun you are having with your fiance and all the fabulous memories you’re creating! Enjoy it ❤

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  2. A2! How the heck are you? I haven’t seen anything of yours on my Reader page, so I thought you’d stopped blogging! I’m glad you’re back in it and have found a therapist you like.

    Travel for work has only increased. I’m finding it hard to keep up the blog, but I’m determined to stick with it. It has been very rewarding, meeting a lot of people.

    Keep hanging in there, A2! BeautyBeyondBones didn’t succeed her first few attempts at recovery. Just keep with it, look to God for your strength, and “Never Give Up! Never Surrender!!”

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  3. I love this comic, because that’s what I’m like whenever I have time off! I think you will have a lovely time with your fiancee, and doing things that are uncomfortable or scare you definitely make you stronger. It’s the right direction, and I hope you get to truly enjoy yourself 🙂

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  4. best of wishes on your trip ^^

    i do wonder how that water fast worked out for you.. was it nothing but water all day? could imagine it wreaking havoc on blood sugar levels without something like chia seeds (& stevia for taste) to stabilize it..


  5. Hi, it’s 19. I think I get you in some ways. I struggle with eating but am working on it. I really hope you manage to stick to your eating disorder recovery programme and that your therapist helps you. Hugs from all of us in the system x

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  6. Vacations are often difficult. We give ourselves the permission to go off track with do many things. Treatment is not one of those things that you can allow to also be on vacation. Stick to your program just as you would if you were in your normal routine. Relapses happen, but do what you world normally do to prevent them and you’ll get through these next couple of weeks!

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