Water Fast



I’m on day one of a water fast. I haven’t decided yet how long it will be. I just need to jump start my weight loss. I have a huge bottle of water next to me to stay hydrated, and I’m distracting myself with Minecraft.


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  1. Check into pea protein. I know you have a disorder and I want you to stay healthy … pea protein has an amazing amino acid profile, low calories and protein enables you to release excess water stored in your fat stores. Its a vegetable, hypoallergenic, just be careful. 👰👍👌✌

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  2. This is difficult to measure as once you come off the water diet you will gain the weight back. It is better to eat things like Cucumber all day as you are eating negative caleries. What I mean by that is per 100g of cucumber there is only 16 caleries so you burn off more then you put on.


  3. So you eat nothing and just drink water? In recent posts you said you’re in outpatients now and not an impatient anymore. Is this a step towards your recovery process with your therapist? I don’t understand

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      • I personally don’t have much insight into restricting of food etc… Just try not undo everything you’ve done with your old therapist… It sounds like you are on a great recovery journey so keep the hope until your new therapist ❤️

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  4. Hi! I do the 5:2 diet. Been on it for over a year now. Fasting is a lifestyle, really. Once you start, you cannot stop because it’s so easy to do. The best thing about it is that you are not really constantly dieting – I strongly recommend that you do some research about the effects of long term fasting. Just a quick note: if you fast one day and eat normally (2000 calories) the following day, it will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight; if you fast for two days in a row or more, it will have the opposite effect. It will slow your metabolism down and losing weight will be an uphill struggle.

    I have posted quite a few things on my diet. It’s always good to share what works and makes us happy! I lost a lot of weight and kept it off almost effortlessly through fasting two days a week.

    Whatever you do: good luck!


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