Slips feel like failure


I had a slip tonight. I binged and purged. I feel like a failure. I don’t plan to stay stuck in this slip, but it still feels like I’ve failed.

On the bright side, I dyed my hair blue today. It looks great.

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  1. It happens. I slipped at times, too. It is part of learning this thing called recovery. It does not make you a failure.

    Way cool with the blue hair!!! I had mine pink last year. I may do it again.

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  2. It’s not about success or failure, winning or losing. It’s about what I learn when I return to self-harming behaviors. What was going on with me at the time? And what can I do differently the next time? Today I have a choice.

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  3. It’s not a failure it’s a setback. Remember with us Ed folks, two steps forward, one step back. It’s our pattern. But we still are moving forward. It’s a glitch and it’s how you react that shows you’ve change!!! You are strong and will move past it I believe in you!!

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