Struggling to focus


I’m really struggling to focus on my nutrition class this weekend. This week’s topic is weight loss and it’s really triggering me. I’m trying to power through it, but it’s really hard. I find myself wanting to just skip the reading and take the test, which I would probably fail. (Or pass, who knows, maybe all my years of focus on weight loss has taught me enough to pass the test.) I just don’t want to do this section. I don’t have a choice; though, so I keep going. Slowly. In small, measured doses.

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  1. I don’t think unsafe weight loss tricks have much to do with nutrition. But I get what you mean. I wish you could be more detached from the content of the class and consider it like any other course. Good luck and don’t panick!

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  2. I’m glad to see that you continue to find the strength and determination to keep making progress! You will find your efforts worth it. I know that when I am confronted with a task I’d like to avoid, just putting my head down and taking one step at a time gets me through. I know you’ll make it too!!

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  3. I’m sorry I can see that’s a really hard and triggering topic. I hope soon the class content moves onto something less emotionally hot and triggering for you. You are doing really well to keep persisting steadily with it and you will get through xx
    PS love the cartoon 🙂

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  4. Just slowly adjust your diet into a healthy one. The worst thing people do is make a huuuuuge adjustment in literally a day. That will make you crash and rebound. Slowly make smarter choices and adjust your diet. If you ever need diet help I am an NSCA certified personal trainer 🙂 If you ever want free fitness advice please visit Cheers!


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