Feeling overwhelmed and skipping treatment


My fibromyalgia was so bad yesterday. My whole body hurt. I spent most of the day in bed because it just hurt too much to get up. Because I was in so much pain, I didn’t go to my DBT group or treatment. Even though I didn’t go because of a legitimate reason, I feel like a naughty child who skipped school.

Also, because of the pain yesterday, I didn’t work on anything school-related. I am now behind and feeling overwhelmed. I have a test due today I haven’t studied for and discussions I need to post that I’m lost on and an assignment due tomorrow I haven’t even started. Plus, my fibromyalgia, while not nearly as painful today, still hurts and has me feeling absolutely exhausted today. I just want to crawl back in bed and forget I’m a person for the day.


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  1. Hey there, A2! I am so sad to hear this has turned into such a tough week for you! If I might share a couple things that could help. First, communicate with your professor. Let him know about your pain. I was a college instructor for 3 years. I always made allowances for conditions people couldn’t help. I had profs who were the same.

    Second, it seems to me that we have a harder time counseling ourselves than we do others. I would look at this and ask myself what I would tell someone else who came to me for advice about it. I might even write a letter to “him” to tell her what I thought. Then I’d fold it, wait, reopen to see what I “got” in the mail, and take THAT advice instead of what bounces around in my head.

    You are on my prayers list. I prayed for you this morning and I will again now for your strength!

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  2. I have had fibromyalgia for 20 years. I found out that allergies and food sensitivities caused the pain and the complete exhaustion I felt. My sister has Chronic Fatigue and also found there are many foods she needs to avoid. I take a cold/allergy pill twice a day, which helps a lot. Gives me energy. I lay on a massage cushion for 20 minutes. Also, good for energy.

    Foods that make me sick: candy, Spices, vinegar, chocolate, diet pop/Aspertame/Sucrose, packaged food with lots of ingredients, citrus fruit, the only apple I can eat is a “Delicious” apple, too much bread is very bad because of the wheat, sourdough bread is so-so, I mostly have rice cakes instead of bread – the plain ones or corn tortillas. Well, this is just part of the diet, and it may not work for you, but I hope it helps if you want to try it.

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  3. Go easy on yourself, I always find it a struggle to comprehend when I can’t do something I used to be able to, or thought I would have been able to. But by far the worst is when I berate myself for not being able to. 🙂

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  4. Oh dear I am so sorry you have so much pain. I have fibromyalgia too and know it’s horrible. I think you made a good choice for your body by resting. You are doing all you can. I feel bad when I have to cancel things because of pain too. I think we are a lot harder on ourselves than we would be on other people. Keep trying to take care of yourself. Hugs xxx

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  5. Hi there…please don’t feel shame for what you cannot do.

    It’s easy to say and hard to actual believe, trust me…I fight that every time I cannot go into work (full time job).

    What you must believe is that you are SO strong, you are not only conquering things, you are writing about them!

    Blessings to you.

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