Blizzard 2016


We had a blizzard yesterday. The snow got so high I couldn’t open my front door. We got almost 2 feet of snow. Due to the storm, treatment was canceled last night. We did have it tonight. I have only 2 weeks left before I transition to outpatient. I’m excited and nervous. Next week was supposed to be my last week, but my therapist felt I could benefit from an extra week and my insurance approved it. I’m relieved to have an extra week, but also look forward to transitioning because of all the extra time I’ll have. I have gotten a lot out of this program, but going every night has been a little exhausting. With the end of the semester coming, I look forward to having the extra study time. I need it.


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  1. Snow plows come here 4-5 times per day, with the salt/sand/gravel spreaders coming at regular intervals. Finland used to get so much of the stuff…. and now we are lucky to see a couple of metres each year if we are lucky. We had a blizzard two days ago and my cats sat and stared at the snow on the other side of the window with such big eyes that I decided to join them and stare outside as well.

    Two weeks left in treatment… you have come such a very long way in that time. All of those lessons they have taught you are priceless. The art therapy has done wonders, and the art of distraction is something I use every single day just to avoid having a panic attack for (what seems) no reason whatsoever. You are wonderful. You are strong. You are talented. And most of all… you are worth it. I am proud to have been along for this amazing journey with you. Thank you xx

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  2. I’m very glad to hear that you’re getting what you need, and that the program is good for you. I continue to keep you in my prayers. I pray that this weekend’s remembrance of Jesus love for all of us is a blessing to you!

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