I did it!


My team gave me a lofty goal to go one week behavior-free. No restricting, no binging and purging. I haven’t done great in the no restricting department. However, I have achieved a personal goal: I went all weekend without binging and purging! That’s a first for me! Yes, it’s only 3 days, but that’s 3 days that I was binging and purging in before and now I’ve managed to NOT binge and purge for all three of those days! It might sound small, but it feels HUGE! It’s actually been a week and 2 days since I binged and purged last! Yes, I’m still struggling with restriction, but for a bulimic to go over a week without binging and purging, that’s a big deal!!

Now to just work on following my meal plan. I meet with the RD today. I am going to ask for a lesser meal plan, I think mine is too much food. I have no idea whether she’ll comply, but I’m going to ask either way. I have to meet with her because I’m still having to boost consistently at dinners and my therapist told me to meet with her to see if she can help. I don’t see how she can, but I’ll ask anyway.


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  1. Cool! I am glad for you. It is the wee steps in our accomplishments that make the biggest difference. Because if we do not take those steps in the first place, there are no steps to take later.

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  2. A2! A2! AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!! Just like I told you some time back; you’re in the stadium, you’re making your run, and everyone goes absolute ape-$#!t! I am SO…HAPPY…FOR…YOU!! I knew you had it in you!

    You’re too young to have seen the US Olympic hockey team beat the Russians and take the gold medal. You should see the Kurt Russell movie MIRACLE. It’s the story of how they did it. I think you would get a real charge out of it; the struggle, the doubt, the triumph. At the end, they actually used the live call from the game as time wound down, Al Michaels screaming “DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!!” Yeah…you gotta see that. VERY inspirational!

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  3. Wow well done! That’s fantastic news. It’s a really big achievement. The road ahead will no doubt have its ups and downs and very rocky paths but nothing can take away the fact you’ve done this.
    I hope seeing the dietician helps. I know I’ve read the less you restrict the less vulnerable you are to bingeing and purging, (I guess maybe because if you’re in a starving state you’re more desperate and more things seem forbidden?) But I know it isn’t as simple as that xxx

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  4. “Just” 3 days girl STOP IT!!! That’s AMAZING!!! It’s sooo hard and the struggle is real!! Do not invalidate or downplay your success! If people don’t understand or don’t want to understand screw them!!

    And those aren’t just any three days those were weekend days which to me are harder!! So be proud and remember:: 2 steps forward 1 step back its how we roll

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