Trying to follow my meal plan



I weighed myself this morning and I gained. Not much, but it was still a gain.

It’s so hard to follow my meal plan as it is when all I want to do is restrict, let alone when it’s making me gain weight. I feel like my meal plan is the guy in the blue shirt in the comic above and I’m the one in the green shirt. It’s not content to punch me in the stomach (keep me from restricting) it has to rub its butt in my face (make me gain weight) as well.


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  1. Would it help to look at it logically?

    Your body is like a squirrel. It stores up nuts (fat) for the winter. This way- when winter (hard times) comes- it has the energy it needs to continue to function. With you being on a meal plan (and eating somewhat regularly)- it’s trying to save as much fat as it can, because it doesn’t know when the next hard time will be (survival planning).
    Now- if you keep following the meal plan- it will stop trying to squirrel away everything for future use, because regular meals will get it out of it’s state of emergency preparedness. But for right now- it’s just trying to help you survive.

    Yes, that sucks when you look at it in terms of numbers on a scale, but in terms of your body trying to become healthy- it’s a very good thing.

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  2. I really can’t saying anything better than Talya! She is right! However, the days are still tough. They have caused me to fail many times before. Yet, getting through them, are what really separates us from the pack. You can do this! You are doing great!

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  3. Amen the above comments. Meal plans are tough. But they will help you to recover and have the strength to stay recovered. I think we all feel the same as your little cartoon depicts. Keep working at it! You’ll get there. Blessings to you!

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  4. When you deprive your body of the essential amount of calories it needs to simply function, your body panics and decides that “If she won’t feed me, I will store every single bit of food as fat, just in case she never feeds me again.” Bodies are assholes when they do that. They never do what you want them to do. The only thing is to find a way to find out what your body needs, satisfy those needs and then let things settle back into some kind of rhythm.

    Seriously, starved bodies are stubborn spoil-sports who are always determined to win and will do whatever it takes to get there. I know it because I have been there myself. Soon, you will need to wave that white flag and let it win, because it is the only way your body will stop being stubborn and start doing what you want it to do.

    I hope those chest pains are leaving you alone xx

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  5. You are so brave walking forward when it feels like this. I know how much it hurts when you are kicked when you’re already struggling. Seems like maybe it feels it’s almost like being betrayed or hit harder when you need help or things to be easier. Or maybe I’m putting too much of my feelings onto it. ..anyhow, I’m really sorry it’s so hard. You got through another day. Well done. You’re still keeping on with your meal plan and your treatment. Well done again! And you keep on posting and helping us understand and helping all of us going through our own struggles to know we aren’t alone. Wow. Sending hugs xxx

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  6. PS, also on a totally practical note, though I know this may not help right away, when I first started trying to eat more and more regularly and stop purging, at first I felt I was putting on weight when I shouldn’t have, it was all over the place, and my appetite was as well – I was eating and gaining which I hated, but also suddenly my appetite was out of control which was frightening. With time, the weight gain and wild fluctuations did stop. I don’t know if that helps at all but I hope at some time it might…xxx

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